In a unique mining environment with 1000-year history, Sweden Resorts runs 24 new pitches at the Falun Mine.


Ställplats ( Camp pitch) Falun

The camp pitches are placed on hard made gravel surface on the Falu Mine area. At the campsite there is a toll station. Customers get a card that gives access to the beam/gate and the servicebuilding that is located close to the camp area. At the servicebuilding its also possible to get fresh water.

In just 10 minutes You can walk down to the old miners block Elsborg.

A World Heritage Site is one of UNESCO designated natural or cultural heritage that is so valuable that it is a concern for all mankind and must be preserved for all time. It is a place, location, environment, or an object that in a unique way testifies to the earth and human history.

In 2001 occupied the historic industrial landscape around the Great Copper Mountain and Falun UNESCO World Heritage Site. From Falun Mine copper ore was processed in the smelting of the city and along streams at the miners’ estates. A miner owned shares in mine and many were so rich that they could build great homes and gardens outside central Falun. The miners lived in the mine’s vicinity, in areas which today is alive, well preserved neighborhoods. In the 1600s, Falun an international city with the country’s largest and most modern workplace – Falun Mine. The city had a strong influence on the technical, social and political development in Sweden and Europe and contributed to the shaping of today’s Swedish industrial society.

Check in

Check in is possible around the clock and check out is at 12.00 pm when a new payment is needed. Ställplats Falun is open year around.


Charge for one is 195 SEK/day and You´ll get access to our servicebuilding with toilets and showers, where You can fill up freshwater. If You need to empty Your latrine this is possible at Lugnets Camping 3 km from Falu Gruva.

+46 (0)23-654 00

Ställplats Falun is a part of Sweden Resorts – seven campsites in the middle part of Sweden.